Moving Option

Contactless Moving Option in Melbourne

This service is available to protect you and ourselves from covid. To reduce the risk of transmission we will require extra help from you by doing the following:

Clean everything: Prepare your property for the moving date by cleaning doorknobs & door handles with water and soap. If possible, apply antibacterial spray on furniture and wipe down surfaces.

Grant us access: When booking let us know if you are able to leave a key for us or leave the door open. We will need to discuss precise instructions before the move day.

Prepare a list of items: We encourage you to be as details as possible in letting us know what items need to be moved by preparing a full inventory and email it to [email protected] once you booked.

Put in labels/stickers to your items: Mark your items with the room you would like them placed so we know where to leave them at the drop off location.

Safe Open communication: We will call you when we get to your place, we encourage you to discuss any question you might have during the move over the phone and not in person.

Payment methods: We will be taking only Bank Transfers during this time, no cash or EFTPOS will be available. We will provide you with our banking details beforehand and full payment is required at the end of the service.

Return home: Once we finish, we will call you to let you know so you can process the payment and return safely to your place. Please clean everything again and keep you safe!

Latest updates on COVID Restrictions

We are working!

Road Transport and Freight Services are allowed to remain open at this time. EasyMove Services will remain up to date with the latest advice from the Australian and Victorian governments and we’ll keep you posted on this page. Please give us a call to 0406 033 173 if you have any questions.

In the meantime we are following a COVIDSafe Plan by wearing face masks, gloves, cleaning, disinfecting our vehicles, premises and equipment every day; as well as, instructing the EasyMovers not to work if they are feeling unwell and if the case arise instead they will be encouraged to get tested, isolate and contact their doctor.

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