Our billable timeframe starts when we arrive at the Pickup location and will end once the truck is unloaded at the final destination.

In addition, we charge in 15 minutes blocks instead of a full hour or half-hour; therefore, if a job takes 3 hours and 15 Minutes that’s what we would charge and not 4 hours.

Weekdays & Weekends Same Rate (Packing & Moving)

✚ ONE-OFF FEES (Not Per Hour) 

quick movers

“Top Quality Removalists never costs as much as it Saves”

Our rates are GST inclusive

We also got you covered with free unlimited boxes and up to 5 millions insurance. Terms and Conditions Apply* 

All Our Removals Include Free Moving Boxes, with Complimentary Furniture Assembly and Bubble Wrap

Payment is required in full after unloading the truck within your premises by Cash, Card or EFT.

Booking fee – $150 discounted towards your total bill.

Minimum 2 Hours Booking, after that time we’ll charge in 15 minutes blocks

quick movers
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