Please familiarise yourself with the following terms and conditions before your relocation date. Our terms and conditions have been written in an easy to read format so you as the client, are aware of your responsibilities when engaging our services and we establish our responsibilities as the company who provide those.


You will need to provide details of the items you want to move, pick up and drop off locations and date/time. Based on the information we will estimate which truck size, how many removalists you might need and we will provide you with our pricing structure where you will need to choose the one that suits.

You will need to pay the booking fee and send us the receipt so we save the spot for you. This fee is not refundable under any circumstances.


You can change your relocation anytime by giving minimum 1 day notice, no charges apply and we will do our best to find a new suitable time for both of us.


We have a 2 days cancellation policy. If you require to cancel you need to notify us at least 48-hours in advanced before the booked job start time. If you cancel within the 48-hour timeframe, a cancellation fee equivalent to 1 hour of the booked hourly rate will apply.


You have the duty to instruct us where to park and make all the pre booking arrangements if needed. Our preference is to park in loading zones and wide free parking areas with easy access to your property. We will park safely and obey parking rules and time limits if they apply. If not free parking is available, any parking fee or infringements we get, will be charged to you.

During the move

We will do a quick inspection of the accesses and conditions of the property, as well as of the items to be transported.  We will notify you immediately of any marks, scratches , loose parts, damages, etc as we don’t take responsibility of those.

We will follow your instructions of what items need to be transported and you must check that no extra items are taken or forgotten. Also, it is your responsibility to inform us about fragile items beforehand. If fragile items are found, they will need to be pre-packed and wrapped by you before transportation. EasyMove Services reserves the right to refuse to carry/transport any items under our reasoning.

We will send a suitable truck size based on the information you provided during the booking. However, sometimes there is more stuff than the one discussed and we will do our best to fit all your items. If this is not possible, we will discuss the options available, such as multiple trips *if we have the time* or try to arrange an additional relocation date. All these will be charged at the same booked rate and same terms & conditions apply.

It is agreed you hired us to complete the job discussed during the booking, as a result we won’t provide any discount or withdraw fees if multiple trips or additional relocations are needed to complete the job. EasyMove Services reserves the right to cancel the job on the spot if any of the above conditions are violated by you and we will charge the booked hourly rate until the cancellation notice is given. If you fail to pay, we will keep your goods until payment is processed and re-delivery and storage charges will apply.

If circumstances outside our control happen and we can’t deliver your items, we will store them and you will be responsible for re-delivery and storage charges. Alternatively you are welcome to pick them up. In any of these unfavourably circumstances, we will always try to achieve a positive resolution.

EasyMove Services reserves the right to refuse and will not receive or accept any claims for consequential loss or damage when we are unable or refused to move your items for any reason.


The working time we charge will start when we arrive at the pick up location and will end with the completion of payment at the drop off. The minimum booking is set to 2.5 hours and after this we will charge in 15-minutes blocks.

The traveling time is pre-set for each suburb and we will inform you the amount when you book. If you require to change suburbs we will modify this fee accordingly.


The pricing structure we provide will have all the charges and fees clearly stated. We don’t negotiate prices or provide discounts at the job completion. We will charge you at the end of the job and we must be paid in full on the spot. Our working time keeps running until you process the payment in full.

We don’t offer credit under any circumstances. In the case you don’t pay at the end of the job, we will have to keep your items until you process the payment in full. Extra fees will apply for re-delivery and storage. Alternatively, you can pick them up once we confirm payment reception.

You can pay by Bank transfer, Cash or EFTPOS. A surcharge may apply when using  debit and credit cards. You will need to provide the receipt on the spot in case of doing Bank transfers.

Damages and Insurance

We guarantee your items will be transported as carefully as possible but sometimes things go south. We will cover any physical damage caused only by our removalists by dropping, mis-handling, or inadequately securing of the item DURING THE MOVE ONLY.  This means you will need to notify us of any concerns/damages by the end of the move, as we don’t take responsibility after this date and our insurance won’t apply if you notify after a few days.

Also, even though we appreciate you might want to give us a hand by carrying stuff, we don’t take responsibility for items damaged by your helpers or family/friends.

Before proceeding with the insurance we will discuss with you the options of:

Repair the damage to a pre-existent reasonable condition.

Replacement if cannot be repair.

Compensation up to the pre-damage market value of the item.

If any of the above applies, we highlight this is not a “new for old” service and wear & tear, depreciation value and age will be taken into account to determine the valuation of the item if dispute arises. This value will be determined by our insurance company, auctioneer or expert in the field.

We’ll use our own reputable repairers and try to fix the items to the the pre-existent condition, however, we don’t offer compensation for any consequential loss or loss of value or if you are not happy with the repair result. We will not engage in repairing items where repair costs are more than the pre-damage market value of the item and in this case we will offer compensation.

Excess Fee

Before we proceed to forward any claim to our insurer, the claimant has to provide EasyMove all the required funds related to cover the insurance company excess fee.


We will not cover any physical damage or internal faults of the following due to their inherent fragility:

  1. Glass items not properly wrapped or safely packed by you. This includes table tops, mirrors, picture glass, alcohol bottles, etc.
  2. Fragile Items not properly secured in their original package or hard cases, such as, televisions, fridges, microwaves, coffee machines, computer equipment, musical instruments, office furniture like photocopiers, printers, laser machines or specific items related to your work; i.e scientific equipment & specialised machinery.
  3. Architectural pieces, antiques, sculptures, artwork, paintings, tableware, etc.
  4. Stones, such as granite, marble, variety of compositions or similar items, including plant pots.
  5. Spas, Pool Tables, Pianos and fragile bulky heavy items.
  6. Fragile pre-fabricated furniture such as IKEA, Fantastic Furniture or similar.
  7. Items packed on storage facilities such as Storage King or similar and items packed on mobile storage containers, such as TaxiBox, etc.
  8. Items not handled by us
  9. Floors, Ceilings & Walls

Piano or Pool Table Moving Bundle

Pianos and Pool Table relocations 50% off – Take advantage of this deal when you move your home or office contents with us; additionally, Pianos or Pool Tables must be moved at the same time as your household items.

Free Moving Boxes Offer

At EasyMove Services we promote sustainability and we do care about reducing waste. You get free boxes and these can be re-used until their lifespan is exhausted; moreover,boxes will be with you for 3 weeks. Collect yours 1 week before your moving date and deliver them back 2 weeks after. The only rule is to bring them back without damage and deterioration. A security deposit will be charged upfront and refunded when they’re returned to us in good condition for another customer.

By engaging EasyMove Services you agree to the aforementioned Terms and Conditions with no exceptions under any circumstances.